Here’s a question I hear all the time:

Where do I even start? My pants don’t fit, I know I should exercise more, and I’m tired all the  time. I’m stuck in a rut of eating ice cream before bed. I know I shouldn’t – but I don’t want to give it up! That ice cream is my reward for everything I do all day. I know things have to change, but … I have a million things on my to-do list – I’m busy. 

I totally get why people ask me about this. If you read most advice about how to lose weight, it can feel like you’ll need to do a major life overhaul, never eat out again, and spend your free time chopping up veggies, planning menus, and working out for hours – on top of your already complicated life. It can feel exhausting & tough before you even start.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you:

Losing weight, changing your eating, and getting back to a you who feels energetic again does require changes – and effort in multiple areas. Some people grit their teeth, double down on willpower, and make the focus of their lives staying fit and counting calories. They tackle everything at once, live at the gym and in the produce aisle of the grocery story.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing health, but here’s the REALITY:

Very few of us have the time or the inclination to make achieving some kind of unattainable perfection with our eating. We have stuff to do!

We’re taught to believe that “weight loss” begins with a rigid food plan and a big new schedule for working out. The truth is, what you really need, to get started the right way, is to build in new comfortable habits that naturally lead you to eat and live in a more healthy way. Our habits are stored in our unconscious mind… wouldn’t it make sense to go there to help make those changes that you want?  To make changes more easily?  Hypnosis can do that!  You may also have trapped emotions that are contributing to stress eating, overeating, cravings for sugar, junk foods, bad carbs etc…The Emotion Code Energy Healing technique can remove those trapped emotions!

You’d probably love a way of eating that fits you, feels natural, and allows you to weigh less – a way of eating that you are happy to continue with forever.  

Big, dramatic lifestyle changes feel, well, big and dramatic. But they get exhausting and overwhelming fast, and they don’t last. A new lifestyle, actually results from new habits, habits you accumulate at a comfortable pace, one step at a time.

My job is not to lead you through another cycle on the yo-yo dieting hamster wheel. It’s to show you how to create new simple habits that work better than overeating, that fit you, and that take away your urges to zone out with food, stress eat, finish a bag of chips you don’t even notice you’re eating, or skip going to the gym for months in a row.

My job is also to help you break the cycle of starting, falling off track, and having to start all over again.

Doesn’t that sound better to you?  You also want to ask yourself —-

How much longer are you going to wait to let go of the overeating – and the stress, guilt, and shame that probably go with it?

You know that you’d love to stop putting so much mental energy, thought, and frustration into this. You’d love to feel peaceful with food and freedom from overeating (and put all that time and energy and effort to better use).

Why not, right?

Why can’t you have what you want?

Here’s my challenge for you — just say NO to feeling like you can’t get started on a do-able path, one that makes a difference. It’s not true. You don’t have to turn your life upside down to get results, and you don’t need to conjure up super-human willpower.  Willpower just doesn’t last.

I want you to set your alarm Friday morning and check your inbox – Yes, that’s tomorrow!  because I’ve created something that’s especially for people struggling with overeating, who want to know exactly where to start – and learn how to keep going – in a way that feels good and fits into their life..

To your Health, Results and Success,

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