Do any of these resonate with you?

  • Overeating or emotional eating is a problem, but knowing where to begin to make changes feels overwhelming  and daunting
  • You’re tired of feeling unhappy with the way your clothes fit or the way you feel. You want more energy. You want to feel great about how you look, and you’re ready to be done feeling guilty or frustrated or like food is all you think about.
  • You don’t want a gimmick. You want something that lasts and that feels right for you. You want new habits that can become automatic (more automatic than reaching for something to eat), and you want to stop fighting with old habits, cravings, and overeating routines. You’re done with starting over (and over and over).

Sound like you? Keep reading.

I want to tell you about the special holiday bonus package that I’m offering to readers. This 2 month program is for smart, busy women who want lasting peace with food, and who want a step-by-step approach to create lasting habits to end overeating.

Don’t worry, the pace is super-sane. You’ll be absorbing new training bi weekly.  During the rest of the time, you’ll be building, practicing, and reinforcing your new habits with the support of our private community.

By the end of our journey you’ll have new habits and strategies for avoiding comfort eating, stress eating, mindless eating, and so many other eating challenges.

The End of Year Holiday Package:

Because it’s the holiday season, I’ve created a special holiday bundle for those who join our Small Group Shed the Weight Program


  • 4 Hypnosis Sessions
  • 2 Emotion Code Energy Healing Sessions
  • Nutrition Handouts and Education
  • Meal Planning Options for Breakfasts/Lunches/Dinners
  • Carb Cycling Chart
  • 100 Page Recipe book
  • Beginner Exercise Program

Session 1 – Hypnosis– Did you know you have an unconscious mind? In this session you’ll discover how your unconscious mind works, what hypnosis is and is not. We will be doing hypnosis for weight loss, increasing metabolism safely, balancing hormones and reaching your ideal weight, shape and size! 

Session 2 – – Discover how to use hypnosis to promote a naturally thin mindset! This week’s hypnosis is called – Think Yourself Slim. It will provide you with an effective psychological tool to combat the cultural pressure to consume more (of the wrong things) and reclaim your right to a healthy, properly fed body. In this session, we look at how and why people become so discouraged about dieting and explain the importance of adopting a different mindset rather than battling to stick to too many rules. You’ll be invited to directly consider the reality of your own body and its present state and how it got that way. You’ll begin to let go of any limiting feelings of guilt and frustration even before you enter a deeply relaxed learning state. We will also be reviewing an article on sleep as it relates to weight loss! 

Session 3 – How to use hypnosis to boost motivation to exercise! The Exercise Motivation Hypnosis will provide an effective way for you to be inspired to take up and stick to a healthier, more active life. You’ll learn what approaches work well to make exercise something that you wouldn’t think of missing. Exercise will become a natural part of how you live. A habit that will last with great benefits! Our handout will be on exercise, thoughts on how to keep and stay slim!

Session 4 – The Super Slim Me Hypnosis is developed specifically to offer an effective method for developing – and keeping – the instinctive behavior patterns and mindset of the naturally healthy and fit person. We look at the emotional and environmental traps & gain an understanding of the key psychological principles. You’ll be able to gently relax into a highly primed learning state, gain new patterns, which will be natural and instinctive, and that the new patterns include effective strategies for dealing with inevitable obstacles or setbacks.

Session 5 and 6 – Emotion Code Energy Healing, Releasing Trapped Emotions that is leading you to self sabotage, crave junk foods, sugar and more!

To Register, please email Payment is due prior to start date by e-transfer. 
Regular price, 597 plus hst.  Receive 100 Off when you register and put a 100 deposit down before January.!  One payment of 497 plus hst  Or Payment plan can be implemented on an individual basis.  

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Shed the Weight !
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You may also qualify for the w-loss grants program and get 80% back when you reach your w-loss goal!

Gastric Band Hypnosis Specialized Program
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Lynn often combines Time Line Therapy(R) with Emotion Code Energy Healing and / Or Hypnosis!

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