Whether you want to:
• Get to the next level in your sport,
• Improve a relationship,
• Change something you don’t like about yourself,
• Build your career or business,
any other goal that requires action on your part to achieve it, that the key to making it happen, for real, is this:
You can have tons of drive, determination and persistence that will drive that consistent action, but those aren’t necessary to execute it.  So, if, on any given day, you don’t really “feel like” (IE, you have no motivation) taking action on your goals, such as practicing, training, building or getting instruction, that’s okay. You can still succeed!
Sometimes our motivation just isn’t there, right? That’s normal and you need not feel bad about it.
What will overcome that lack of motivation for those times is if you have mentally programmed yourself for a
HABIT of taking consistent action.
It’s like tapping into the power of consistency that you use every day to brush your teeth to keep your teeth healthy.
You don’t think about it, you just do it as a habit. Even if you don’t “feel like doing it” you still do it.
And then one day, you sort of “wake up” and look back at where you were and where you are now and you realize you really did take lots of consistent action.The more consistent, the more achievement. Boom!


Go back to some of your own past successes and look for the consistent action you took, we guarantee you, it’s there.  Because so many people give up on things when they don’t realize how close they really are to the success they want…

Need help being more consistent?  Increasing self esteem and self confidence to make things happen?  Hypnosis and Emotion Code can help you achieve more!  Get in Touch!

Lynn often combines Time Line Therapy(R) with Emotion Code Energy Healing and / Or Hypnosis! 

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Lynn Thier

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