Does it really work?  How does it work?  Is this legitimate?

Just like any other movement or phenomenon, energy healing and emotional energy healing have people lining up on all sides. While some people might stand firmly behind traditional Western medicine, others are just as sure that energy healing holds the key to health. Other people might maintain some skepticism but wonder, “how does energy healing work?” as they keep an open mind.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is new information emerging all the time about the energy field of the body. Science has actually shown us that our bodies are more than 99% energy. In fact, if you removed all of the “empty space” (i.e. energy) from our bodies, “the entire human racewould fit into the volume of a sugar cube”! You read that right — not just your body, the entire human race.

Theoretically, How Does Energy Healing Work?

The idea of energy healing and the effects of emotional energy on body isn’t new. There is actually research to support our assertion that emotions are energy! The late David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D and author of the book Power vs. Force, discovered that the energy in someone’s magnetic field (their “log level”)  can be profoundly affected by their emotions. He discovered that the body’s energy level actually increases as an individual feels more positive emotions. To a lot of people, this probably seems logical. Don’t you feel more energetic when you feel happy, and more sluggish or weak when you feel sad?

Scale of Consciousness

The Scale of Consciousness

Further, Dr. Hawkins learned that cells actually died with a log level under 200 on the Scale of Consciousness, where negative feelings like hate, shame, regret, humiliation, or despair exist. This evidence would suggest that taking care of our emotions is vital to not only our overall happiness but to our physical health!

When it comes to the work of energy healing, The Emotion Code™ works by first helping you identify, then release the energy of negative emotions that, according to Hawkins’ research, could adversely affect your health. This is done by tapping into the subconscious mind via muscle testing and asking questions that can help identify Trapped Emotions. Then, using a magnet and principles of ancient Chinese medicine, that negative energy can be released from the body’s energy field. Our premise is that by releasing negative emotional energy, we can enable the body to recover from emotional and physical discomfort. We believe the studies cited here, plus the wealth of testimonials we have received, support that premise.

Other Research of Interest

Research about the energy field of the body and its organs is ongoing. For now though, there are many interesting studies that seem to support the idea of energy healing and even the part emotional energy can play in our health. Below you’ll find just a few of those, and there are many more in the newly updated Emotion Code book.

Our Own Study

Discover Healing recently conducted our own study, where we collected the self-reported status of 158 participants, before and after having energy healing sessions using The Emotion Code™. Our volunteers told us about what they were feeling before any sessions were done, and then again at least one week after having their Heart-Walls cleared using Emotion Code techniques. Here is what participants reported at the end of the study*:

  • Symptoms of self-reported ‘depression’ decreased by 37%
  • Symptoms of self-reported ‘post-traumatic stress disorder’ decreased by 31%
  • Symptoms of self-reported ‘anxiety’ decreased by 10%

Watching the Trend

alleviating back discomfortOver 50 major hospitals and clinics throughout the US offer some form of energy healing. The Emotion Code™ is a great example of an emotional energy healing modality, and we’ll be watching closely as more studies are released that support energy healing and its place in medicine. We recommend that you keep an eye on our website for updates, and conduct your own “study of one” using The Emotion Code™.

Article by Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of the Emotion Code Energy Healing.


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