Self-care is one of those things you know is important, but fitting it into your busy, hectic schedule can seem impossible. However, it shouldn’t be something you put off, as it can be detrimental to your mental health. In fact, it has more benefits than just relieving stress. Self-care is a great way to remind yourself that your needs are just as important as that of others. The following are six easy ways to make self-care a prominent factor in your life.

Switch up your sleep routine.

You know how sluggish and cranky you feel when you don’t get enough sleep, but sometimes it can seem as though getting quality shut-eye is an impossible goal. The solution could be that you need to revamp your sleep hygiene. Once it gets close to bedtime, start dimming the lights and powering down electronics. Avoid bringing food, work, or electronics to bed – the bedroom is for sleep only. If after 10 minutes you can’t fall asleep, get up and do a relaxing activity such as meditation or reading.

Watch what you eat.

It might sound odd, but stress and nutrition go hand in hand. You may find that during periods of high stress, you eat junk food as a means of self-comfort. Perhaps you are the opposite and lose your appetite so you turn to other stimulants such as coffee and sugary energy drinks to keep your engine running. Without the right vitamins and nutrients, your immune system can get run down, so be sure you are getting enough of the recommended amounts. Lynn Thier can help you stick to healthy eating habits and reach your weight loss goals, by utilizing a holistic approach.

Declutter your home.

Your home is your sanctuary and the place you go to relax, but with clutter in the way, your mind can’t truly rest. Clutter can also cause negativity to occur in the home, leaving less room for positive energy to manifest. Take time to declutter your home and get rid of items you no longer need or use. Should you find this process daunting, you can hire a decluttering expert to help you with the process.

Slow down.

Self-care is often synonymous with tropical vacations or getaways, but simply slowing down is a much more budget-friendly option, and you get the same benefits. The best part is that it can come in whatever form you choose. Perhaps you can pause for 10 minutes each day to meditate or just stop to take a breather. Maybe you could make time in your schedule for a weekly or bi-weekly massage. Not only will this force you to slow down, but you can enjoy other health benefits such as anxiety and pain relief, pain relief, and improved quality of sleep.

Listen to yourself and respond.

This might sound silly, but the best way to take care of yourself is to listen to your inner monologue and respond with positive self-talk. For example, when you think to yourself, “This is impossible. I’ve failed again,” respond with “I am making progress and this is just a small bump along my journey.” The more you say it, the more you believe it — and sometimes a little faith and encouragement is all you really need.

Incorporate furry family members.

Your pets might be a lot of work at times, but they can actually be a self-care companion. Daily exercise is important for pets, and doing it together provides both of you with exercise and fresh air to clear your mind and boost your mood. Snuggling up with your dog or cat can be just what you need to turn a bad day into a good one, helping you focus on the moment. Plus, you might even sleep better with a warm ball of fur nuzzled up next to you.

As you can see, putting yourself first isn’t as hard as you might think. There are plenty of simple ways to add a little self-care to your routine. The list above is a great starting point, but the opportunity to explore self-care options is a ride worth taking.

Looking for a holistic approach to getting and staying healthy? Get started today by connecting with Lynn Thier.


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