I Can Help You To Manage Your Anger

First, anger itself is not an “issue.” for most people, the emotion of anger in and of itself is not unhealthy. It makes sense to get angry if someone hurts your child. It’s natural to get angry if someone insults your spouse. If the party you’ve planned for months gets rained out, if your flight home from a long business trip gets cancelled, if your sports team loses because of a referee’s bad call – getting pissed for a short spell is called being human.  Anger is a normal human reaction that we have all experienced in our lives

It’s what comes next that makes the difference.  Are you using that energy of anger to do something productive? Is it helping you to find solutions to whatever ticked you off?  Is that energy giving you the slight edge you need to act? If you’re channeling your anger this way, congratulations! As Wayne Dyer says, “There’s nothing wrong with anger provided you use it constructively.”

However, if aggression gets you into trouble and destroys your relationships, makes you feel agitated or simply consumes and controls you, this kind of anger moves into the unhealthy range. It’s not only bad for you emotionally, it has negative physical affects as well. In one study of about 13,000 subjects, individuals with the highest levels of anger had twice the risk of coronary artery disease and three times the risk of heart attack compared to the subjects with low levels of anger. Some researchers believe that chronic anger can be worse than smoking or obesity as a factor that contributes to early death.

The problem with many of the traditional anger management techniques & therapies is that they don’t deal with the root cause of your angerIf your anger is constant or out of control, you aren’t really responding to situations. Your reaction – in this case, your anger — is coming from that root cause.

This root cause is not necessarily an event you remember. In fact, often that root cause is not even a dramatic event at all. But it’s the event that sets up how you experience anger going forward. If you don’t deal with the root cause, you’re simply “coping” and bandaging the problem, not healing.

We all know that words spoken in anger are usually regretted and actions prompted by anger will likely prove to be ill-advised. Emotional reactions cloud judgment, obscure the real issue and undermine our innate wisdom. NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® & Hypnotherapy enables us to explore the root cause of the anger, find closure on unresolved emotional conflicts and provide coping techniques for living a positive healthy life.

If anger is undermining your life, I urge you to seek out solutions and regain your power to choose how you wish to be in the world!

I Will Work With You To:

  • Identify and understand the root cause of your anger.
  • Break old patterns and release the emotion from root cause.
  • Resolve conflicts without evoking feelings of stress.
  • Let go of limiting decisions and beliefs that keep hostage.
  • Clear the energy that holds all the negative messages, memories and feelings that prevent you from attracting, keeping, or enjoying the relationships you deserve.

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