Cancer Coaching

I am not a doctor…. I don’t prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure disease…. I do not practice medicine. My goal is to help you take control of your health and healing.  I will share what I have learned that will support your body’s ability to detoxify, repair and heal itself.

Managing Cancer – What Does This Mean?

What you don’t know and most often don’t realize, is that now is the time to take charge. To step up and help save your own life. We would like to share with you the best of what we have in managing a life with cancer, so that you never have to do this again.

Prevent A Recurrence Of Cancer 

 After Cancer, its key to detox the body of any traditional therapy (chemo, radiation) and to have the tools to help you prevent cancer from ever coming back!  Lynn will help you devise a plan that is doable for you… nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and mindset are key components to a healthy long life.

Medical cancer care is not a sole system for remission and recovery. Working with a Professional Cancer Coach will give you the support & education you need to encourage your body into remission and reduce side effects of treatment.

I also work with many individuals who are looking to prevent this terrible disease. Get the best one on one support following your diagnosis & to help prevent a recurrence. I look forward to speaking with you. For more information on this service, please visit


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