Fun Fit Fridays~Short Workout for YOU!

If you’re struggling in any way with stress, anxiety, depression… the best thing you can do is move your body! it not only will change your physiology, it will change your brain! Only 4 exercises…. You can repeat this workout anywhere from 3 to 10...

Fun Fit Fridays~ Ultimate Burpee Workout!

This workout is not typically for beginners. You can modify and step back instead of jumping if you choose. Here I will show you 6 different burpee exercises. You can do 3 to 10 rounds depending on your fitness level! Work for 30 seconds and take a 15 second rest in...

A Different Approach to Anxiety – What Works?

“The craze for anxiety” has made anxiety treatments a billion dollar industry. Type “anxiety treatment” in Google and you’ll find all kinds of “cures” and “solutions”, from various forms of psychotherapy, non-traditional approaches such as hypnotherapy, courses, books...

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