I Can Help You Beat Depression
Feeling sad, empty, or down? A sense of hopelessness or despair? Some of these experiences are a normal part of being human, in appropriate amounts. Out of the normal range they can cause substantial personal suffering, significant difficulties in the areas of social and occupational effectiveness, as well as other areas of function (self care, health, wellness).

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Depression Hurts

Some symptoms are having dark thoughts, experiencing major difficulties with mood, thoughts, & sleep. These symptoms also must persist for most of the day, nearly everyday for at least two weeks. These symptoms will also be accompanied with significant distress or impaired functioning.


Lift depression in as little as 4 hours using my Rapid Depression Therapy Techniques.


I use NLP Life Coaching, Time Line Therapy® techniques as well as hypnotherapy to help uncover root causes and eliminate them so you can go beyond surviving to thriving in life.

I suffered for years with depression and was on medication for over 28 years. After learning techniques to help me as well as being guided through time line therapy®, I was able to wean off my morning “happy” pill. I do not advocate that anyone reduce or stop any medications without first talking with their doctor.

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