Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is the Ultimate Energy Healing!

How would you like to heal pain, remove root causes of dis-ease and release the emotional baggage from your past?

How would you like to blow away any blocks to success and abundance?  To clear any business blocks or blocks in your relationships?

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that helps us to identify and literally release trapped emotions- emotional baggage essentially that we all have – these trapped emotions are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped emotions can cause different ailments, which are physical, emotional or mental such as depression, anxiety, they can block people from love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others.

Do you have emotional baggage?

Trapped Emotions – The Invisible Epidemic

These trapped emotions accumulate in our energy system over the years and literally vibrate with negative energy that affects the surrounding tissues and organs. This process continues and lowers our vibrations to the point of causing illness, pain, emotional issues (depression, anxiety fears, etc) and disease.

Lynn uses kinesiology and Emotion Code training to locate these trapped emotions and we release them one at a time, quickly, and permanently. She can even identify where in your body the emotion is trapped and what age it was trapped before releasing it.

Often times we have inherited trapped emotions that have been passed down in our energy fields from traumas that happened in an ancestor’s life. We can also absorb emotions from other people. These trapped emotions are magnetic which will create layers of trapped negative energy that distorts our own energy field and wellbeing.

Trapped emotions have been implicated in many diseases, from chronic pain, anxiety, digestive disorders, cancers and more.

There is no need to spend countless hours discussing your traumatic past and experiences, once the problematic trapped emotion is identified and released, it is gone. Dramatic relief is often experience after one session.

The Heart-Wall 

Did you know that the heart is the most powerful organ in your body? Your heart generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain, easily making it the most powerful organ you have.

Dr. Bradley Nelson shares about The Heart Wall, and why it has been called “The most important discovery in the history of energy medicine.”

Transplant Stories

Scientists now believe that the heart is actually a “second brain.” This understanding first began coming to light when heart transplants began to be a fairly common procedure. Our transplant recipients would sometimes receive the affinities, the memories, and the laws of the donor, along with their new heart!

For example:
• A 47-year-old Caucasian male received a heart from a 17-year-old African-American male. The recipient was surprised by his new-found love of classical music. He discovered later that the donor, who loved classical music and played the violin, had died in a drive-by shooting, clutching his violin case to his chest.
• A man of 25 received a woman’s heart and now (to the delight of his girlfriend) has a consistent and powerful need to shop.
• Paul Oldam, a lawyer from Milwaukee, received the heart of a 14-year-old boy and inherited a strange new craving for Snickers.
• A seven-year-old girl had recurring nightmares about being killed after receiving the heart of another child who had been murdered. Her descriptions of the murderer as well as the murder weapon led to the arrest and conviction of the killer.

There may have been times in your own life where you have felt that physical sensation we refer to as “heartache.” This feeling of pressure or discomfort in the chest and throat occurs when the deepest part of us is under assault, typically when someone is hurting us or were feeling a deep sense of grief, hurt or loss.

If you have this experience more than a couple of times in your life that your unconscious mind will form an “energy wall” to protect your heart against further heartache and against further assault. We refer to this wall of energy as the “Heart-Wall.”

93% of people have a heart wall which is layers of trapped emotions that your mind builds around your heart with the intention of protecting it. Heart walls can cause depression, relationship problems, heart conditions, block success, abundance and much more.

What Happens When You Get Rid of Your Heart-Wall?

Find Love! Feel Better! Overcome Depression! Create Abundance & Success!

Book an appointment today and see if your trapped emotions are contributing to your health, relationships, success and abundance.
Since we are all energy, The Emotion Code can be done remotely; energy work knows no physical boundaries. Lynn works with clients via zoom video, phone and email. Many feel lighter, less burdened and less pain after each session.
Lynn also gives back and chooses 2 people a month to give free sessions to (Women who have suffered abuse and first responders struggling with PTSD).

Emotion Code for Weight Loss!


• You crave sweets or salty foods often and crave them most when your tired, stressed, down or when your emotions run high
• You’re frustrated and angry – you’ve tried every diet out there and still are suffering from the Yo-Yo Syndrome. Losing weight and regaining it over and over again.
• You feel worried, anxious just thinking about starting another diet
• You may workout and feel fit but have some unhealthy food habits that sabotage your efforts.
Sometimes access weight is just body armor. What are you protecting yourself or hiding from? Release the trapped emotions related to emotional eating and self sabotage, get results today!

Emotion Code for Business Blocks & Abundance!

Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Business?

Did You Know That You May Have ‘Trapped Emotions’ That Are holding You Back From Achieving the Results You Want In Both Your Business and Personal Life?

During the 3, 30-minute meeting (held via video), you will receive our business blocks Emotion Code
Lynn will REMOVE the trapped emotions contributing to the following:

  • Your limiting beliefs about money and your business success
  • Your anxiety about money and your business
  • The limited ‘earning ceiling’ that your unconscious mind has set
  • The blocks & trapped emotions stopping you from increasing your monthly sales/revenue
  • Blocks to attracting NEW “ideal” clients
  • Blocks to attracting your ideal referrals for your business
  • Inherited money habits and beliefs your parents had
  • The negative effects of past business failures/problems
  • Your procrastination habits stopping you from getting things done

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