The HELO smart wrist band is a sleek, revolutionary, health and fitness bracelet. Created by and sold exclusively by Wor(l)d Global Network, it is powered by Toshiba’s cutting edge, state-of-the-art advanced chipset for wearable technology.

This is the first fitness band to combine the science of active sensors and incorporate them with the beneficial health effects of natural mineral stones.

Coupled with real time health monitoring, it provides the wearer with continuous health status feedback, 24-7-365.

The world has now entered the future of comprehensive wearable health technology.

Who is it for? The entire family.

HELO stands for Health & Lifestyle Oracle (‘HELO’).


The HELO smart wrist band monitors not only heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and sleep quality, but, offers many more total health parameters such as:
• ECG/EKG (Electro-cardiogram)

• Blood Pressure

• Mood Sensor

• Fatigue Sensor

• Remote monitoring of other people’s vital signs

• Germanium semi-conductor stone plates

• Anti-oxidizing Himalayan Salt stone plates

• Provides emergency SOS GPS location for everyone in your family

• A Panic button, with GPS location coordinates

• ECG/EKG (Electro-cardiogram)
This allows you to monitor your entire family’s health, 24-7-365…at your fingertips, right from your own wrist.

Watch this two minute video to see how the HELO empowers you to have more control over your health, your life and the life of your loved ones.

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The HELO Wristband Offers Continuous Monitoring of:
Blood Pressure Rate
Heart Rate (arrhythmias)
Breath Rate (respirations)
ECG/EKG (Electro-cardiogram)
Respirations (breaths) Per Minute
Blood Oxygen Levels
Blood Temperature


The HELO smart watch is capable of performing advanced vital sign detection. The HELO can check your….Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Breathe Rate, Mood and Energy Levels, Heart Check, and an ECG (commonly know as EKG or Electrocardiograph).

HELO Monitors your Blood Pressure

Thanks to its Toshiba ApP Lite processor, the HELO wristband can perform Blood Pressure measurements with ease. Light sensors illuminate the skin measuring differences in light absorption. HELO uses this data to calculate your Blood Pressure measurement. The more measurements HELO wristband performs, the more accurate it becomes.

HELO ECG (Electrocardiogram) Measurements

The HELO health monitor can perform advanced measurements not normally seen on wearable technology. The HELO performs an ECG (Electrocardiogram) test by a combination of sensors, real-time heart-rate, and blood pressure readings. When HELO is done analyzing your current heart input, the test measurements and your status are displayed on the HELO App. The test can be repeated or you can store the information for later comparison or review by your personal physician.

HELO Measures your Heart Rate

The HELO health monitor measures your heart rate in beats per minute. Once the measurement is completed, HELO displays the information on the HELO App and allows you to choose to repeat the test or store the results to compare at a later date.

HELO Measures your Breathing

The HELO wristband can measure your breathing in breaths per minute, and with all of its features enabled it’s powerful enough to actually notify a loved one automatically if breathing levels drop down below a predefined level! WOW! When the HELO wristband is finished performing the breathing test, it displays the breathing test results on the HELO App. You can repeat the test or choose to save the results for future comparison or for your doctor to review.

HELO Measures your Mood and Sleep

The HELO health monitor uses its Toshiba ApP Lite processor to calculate sensor data while using a technically advanced algorithm to measure your mood and energy. Once the HELO health monitor has finished its mood and energy calculations, the results are displayed on the HELO App. You can preform the test again or save the results to compare at a later date.

HELO Performs Heart Checks

The HELO wristband performs a heart check by using a combination of your heart rate, blood pressure, and ECG results. Once the test is complete the HELO wristband transmits the information via Bluetooth to the HELO App on your smartphone or tablet. The results are displayed on the App at which time the HELO App will point out any potential problems that may need to be addressed. You can run the test again or save the results for your review by your health provider.


• Sleep Quality Pattern
• Calories Burned
• Mood Analysis (emotions)
• Fatigue/Energy Analysis
• Stress Levels
• Number of Steps Taken
• Distance Walked


Most people in today’s hectic world are surrounded by modern-day electronics. …smart phones, computers, computer monitors, routers, modems, televisions, electronic devices, UV rays, power lines, and more.

These electronic devices generate EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) which continuously bombard our bodies with positive ions.

Positive ions oxidize the body’s cells, causing mysterious body aches, headaches, muscle stiffness, accelerate aging, slow down our metabolic (life) cycle, and make us more susceptible to dis-eases and a general, sometimes unexplainable, stressed, run-down, no-energy feeling.

When a negative ion replaces a positive ion, it creates a ‘positive gap’.

The negative ions emitted by the HELO’s natural mineral stones replace the positive ions emitted by surrounding electronic equipment, thus reducing this continual oxidative load on the body’s cells.

The resulting ionic transfer has an anti-oxidizing effect on the body, helping the body to relax, maintain its ionic balance, relax muscles, and reduce pain.


Toshiba’s ApP Lite Technology
This state of the art health wristband incorporates Toshiba’s ApP Lite™ (Application Processor Lite) advanced chipset technology from Toshiba Corporation’s Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions Company (“Toshiba”).

Hypo-Allergenic Silicon Wristband
Removable Titanium plates are integrally positioned into the HELO’s patented hypo-allergenic silicon band. The patented clip-on plate system contains slots for its natural mineral stone plates. Simply place your stone plates in whichever slot is the most comfortable for you.



The HELO wristband is one of the only health monitors on the market to give the customer the ability to add components to the HELO wristband that can give you amazing benefits to your lifestyle. Even the HELO wristband itself is made of materials to encourage good health, not the other way around.

The HELO Wristband

The HELO wristband is made from a Hypoallergenic silicon rubber. The Hypoallergenic nature of the silicon prevents rashes or irritations while still maintaining a comfortable feel.

The HELO Mineral Plates

Discover the power of having the same natural minerals and elements that our body is comprised of; right on the HELO wristband.\

HELO Himalayan Salt Plates are designed to increase the health benefits of the HELO wristband. Himalayan Salt contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body. Our skin tries to absorb everything it comes in contact with, so why not try to have something good on it.

HELO Germanium Plates are designed to increase the health benefits of the HELO wristband by adding a natural antioxidant. Germanium (GE) is a naturally occurring element appearing in spot 32 on the Periodic Table. Germanium also has the same active ingredients that can also be found in fungi, in plants such as ginseng, aloe or garlic.


Germanium is commonly used as a semiconductor. It is used in integrated electronic circuitry and transistors. Some Germanium compounds are anti-bacterial. They are toxic to bacteria, but harmless to mammals. The HELO uses Germanium to facilitate the transfer of ionic charges.

Pink Himalayan Salt
Pink Himalayan salt is primarily sodium chloride. It also contains the same 84 minerals and elements which are naturally found in the human body.

Working on the same principle as a Himalayan salt lamp works, Pink Himalayan salt crystals neutralize and purify the body from positive ionic discharges released by electronic devices.

This positive to negative ion displacement helps to create mood boosting effects to dispel depression and low energy.


HELO’s wearable stone technology improves blood circulation by increasing the oxygen level in your blood.

The Far Infrared Rays (FIR) activate water molecules in the body’s cells, thus enhancing oxygen distribution in the blood stream. Improved oxygenated blood circulation helps the body to relax.

Higher blood oxygenation promotes healing. This leads to a more restful and better quality of sleep.


If you or your loved one are having health issues, or feel you are in a dangerous situation…possibly alone, out jogging, stranded, whether you are hiking, climbing a mountaintop, or simply have a flat tire, the HELO smart band wearer can simply press the HELO’s panic button. (twice)

Using SMS technology, coupled with Google Maps downloaded to your Smart phone, the HELO will automatically notify your loved ones to let them know you need immediate assistance.

Notification is by phone call and by an SMS message. (SMS is the abbreviation for “Short Message Service”, also known as a text message).



HELO Wearable Technology Keeps Your Family Safe
The HELO wristband has the power to send an emergency SMS text message to your friends and family in the event of an emergency. The SMS text message includes the GPS location of the person in trouble. Add up to 3 people to the emergency contact list. Some advanced features require a paired smartphone or tablet with active data connection and subscription service.


Via the Toshiba ApP Lite™ chipset technology, the exact GPS coordinates of your location are provided to your loved one via Blue Tooth technology from your HELO to your phone, and from your phone to the cell phone tower.

Once received by your loved one, he or she can then give the exact GPS coordinates to law enforcement, emergency medical teams (EMTs) or call a close neighbor to immediately come check on you or your loved one.


Once you purchase and receive you HELO smart band, download the HELO app from the Google Play Store on your smart phone (Android or ioS) to be able to monitor your own major health parameters, or the health status of a loved one.

Receive continuous feedback and data presentation in real time. not only to monitor your own health, but for:

Aging Parents
Monitor aging parents or an elderly relative who lives alone, whether they live across the street, or across the country.
Mentally Challenged
Monitor a loved one who is mentally challenged with Alzheimer’s, dementia, a child with Down’s Syndrome, or others with cognitive mental health challenges. You will be able to view not only their vital signs, but via BlueTooth technology, the HELO also provides you with your loved one’s GPS coordinate location, should they become confused, lost, or unable to find their way home. All they need to do is push their Panic Button (twice). The smart band alerts whichever primary emergency contact(s) you specify via SMS and an e-mail with your exact GPS location.
Child Health
Monitor your child’s health in real time, whether you are at home or at work.
Your Partner/Spouse’s Health
Monitor your spouse’s health.
Your Health
Monitor your own vital signs. (heart rate, breathing rate, number of steps taken, etc.)
The HELO smart wrist band promotes health, fitness, and peace of mind, for you, and your family.


The HELO is not available in stores.

It is only sold online, by Wor(l)d Global Network distributors.


Purchase a single HELO smart wristband for your own personal health and fitness monitoring.

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Purchase a HELO smart wristband Family Plan and start monitoring the health and fitness of your entire family.

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