Hypnosis – The Facts!

Hypnosis (or trance) is a perfectly normal state that we find ourselves in every day of our lives. In fact, you are hypnotized several times per day! Have you ever been entranced by watching a movie, a TV show or listening to a great storyteller? Have you even driven and missed your exit?   Well, that is trance (or Hypnosis).  Hypnosis is not sleep and it is not a state of unconsciousness, you are fully aware and can hear everything.  You are also in complete control, always.

Don’t expect to feel hypnotized. In fact, nobody can hypnotize you!  It’s a do with process, not a do to process.  Hypnotherapy is a perfectly natural phenomenon, very different from sleep where you are in a state of consciousness but extremely calm and in control. This state facilitates the potential for extraordinary positive changes in your life, in ways that you choose.

The Use Of Hypnosis For Therapeutic Purposes Is Referred To As ‘Hypnotherapy’

Contrary to a popular misconception – hypnosis is NOT a form of unconsciousness or sleep—research suggests that hypnotic subjects are fully awake and have focused attention…   It’s not being gullible or weak minded – you are in complete control.

Despite what Hollywood has tried to inspire, the science of hypnosis is really quite simple, very safe, and easy to do. At no point will you lose control. In fact, most people describe the hypnotic state as a time when they feel even more control over their mind and body.

What Is Hypnosis?

It’s nothing like you see in the movies.
Hypnosis is a natural state of selective, focused attention, and, even though it is 100% natural and normal, it remains one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. Our ability to enter this unique state of consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and change. Hypnosis, called by different names in different cultures and times, has been recognized for thousands of years and used for many purposes.

When we enter ‘the hypnotic state’ or trance, we are much more capable of using our thoughts, talents and experiences in ways not usually available to us. As the Hypnotist, I can develop the clients innate, personal abilities by making the desired changes in their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The trance state of hypnosis allows me to assist the client to make changes which could not generally be made while in the conscious state.  Hypnosis has been used in the treatment so many things…… from pain, depression, anxiety, stress, habit disorders, and many other psychological and medical problems.

How Can A Treatment Aimed At Your Mind Affect Your Body?

Your body responds to thoughts as a physical expression. Let me explain… think of a frightening thought! You will experience an increased heart rate, shortness of breath, “butterflies” in the stomach, muscular rigidity, sweating, shaking, and more physical symptoms. Now…. Think of a happy thought! You’ll experience reduced heart rate, deeper breathing, relaxation of muscles, and once again more physical symptom’s.

These are autonomic nervous system responses that are involuntary. When hypnotized, the client is very open to suggestions that can enhance positive and diminish negative physical reactions.

In trance, a hypnotic trance, you are fully conscious and in control, and you are extremely relaxed.  You can break trance whenever you want to.


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Can Anyone Be Hypnotized?

The simple answer is YES!
Here is why. Some people find it easier to relax than others. AND some people are able to go into trance more quickly and more deeply than others. You want to relax, and not resist, just allow the process to flow.

Will I Be Asleep Or Unconscious?

Absolutely not. The word hypnosis comes from the ancient Greek word ‘hypnos’ meaning sleep, but it is mis-named. Hypnosis is NOT sleep. Sleep and hypnosis may seem similar since we may be relaxed and have our eyes closed but there are many differences.

“I Don’t Think I Was Hypnotized–I Heard Every Word You Said!”

Some people, after a session of hypnosis, don’t believe that they were hypnotized at all. This likely comes from misconceptions about just what ‘trance’ really is. There are differences between the brain waves of people who are asleep and those who are in trance.

Can Children Be Hypnotized?

Because children are naturally imaginative, they naturally and easily engage in hypnosis and respond well to hypnotic suggestion for a wide variety of problems, e.g., self- esteem issues, anxiety, behavior problems, habit change, etc..

Can I Get Stuck Or Trapped In The Hypnotic State?

No. At any time, a client can re-alert or choose to ignore suggestions. One thing to note is that the unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined… so use your imagination to the best of your abilities!

Hypnosis Can Be Used For The Following:

• Sports Performance
• Weight Loss & Motivation To Exercise
• Quit Smoking
• Self Esteem, Self Confidence
• Fear Of Public Speaking
• Fear & Anxiety
• Eliminating Bad Habits
• Creating New Healthy Habits
• Pain Control
• Increasing Metabolism & Balancing Hormones
• Business/Career Success
• Much More…

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