I can help you to overcome your fear of public speaking

Terrified of public speaking?  Want to improve your leadership skills?

The fear or anxiety related to public speaking could fall under the fear or self-confidence umbrellas, but I list it out here separately only because it is the #1 fear in the world…

People would rather die than speak publicly! This is an extremely common reason for people to seek out Hypnotherapy. The good news is that this fear of public speaking can be ‘unlearned’, often quite rapidly, sometimes in a matter of minutes. There are a whole range of techniques from the fields of hypnosis and NLP that can be employed to help you to ‘unlearn’ the fear of public speaking, and people generally find the sessions both absorbing and interesting.

While in Hypnosis, one does not know the difference between fantasy and reality and I will have your unconscious mind conceiving and believing the image of YOU as a confident, poised and entertaining public speaker.

When it comes to speaking in front of a group most of us are plain and simply afraid! Afraid of what people will think about us, afraid of what will happen if we forget what we want to say, and afraid that we will mess up and make a fool of ourselves.

But fear is not rational, (False Evidence Appearing Real).  it’s emotional and it stems from different level of our minds. So therefore, no matter how much we try and change a fearful behaviour with a rational approach, it just won’t work. If it did you would have already done this for yourself.  In order resolve the fear, we need to work with the level of our minds in which the fear was created – our unconscious. Once we resolve the fear at this level, we can then begin to implement new strategies and resourceful behaviours that will allow you to speak fearlessly in front of a group or audience.

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