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“I was very fortunate to see Lynn before a important competition in my fitness journey. Her work is mesmerizing, the energy & positive attitude I leave with is more then enough to visualize the success I was able to achieve! After my sessions with Lynn my workouts felt amazing, I feel stronger and more focused. Even once on stage, I could visualize the win, and as well hear Lynn’s voice talking me through to hear my name before it even got called. Her work is a piece of art, I strongly recommend for you all to give her a call! ”


Personal Trainer/Online Coach, Rjs Fit

Team Huggable has had the pleasure of working with Lynn. 
Lynn brought out the best in us. One of the quotes, I live by and owe my success too is.. “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World” and with Lynn guiding us, I can say my whole organization made that Positive Shift. I believe in tomorrow and understand the advantages of bringing Neuroscience into your business and success journey. When you are consciously aware that your unconscious can hijack and stagnate your emotions that is the first step of your fresh start and your new tomorrow.  Lynn, is hands on, loves what she does and genuinely cares about you. I could feel the Hug the whole way through. 
Thank you Lynn for bringing out our best and helping Wheels and Deals turn the corner and become a company wide Happy, Huggable and Helpful A-Team.
Jim Gilbert

Owner, Jim Gilbert's Wheels and Deals

“Lynn, thank you for opening my eyes and my mind further, i’m now aware of my values and i’m going to work harder going forward to not let the negatives get in my way!”

“I enjoyed the part all about habits and understanding how to make goals come true, I now understand myself better, using techniques to give me the results i need to be better at what i do.”

“Great stuff to implement, asking more questions, building rapport with customers, learning to be more assertive in my positioning to create what i want.”

“I loved the section on our ability to change situations by changing our perceptions… when something goes wrong, we have the ability to change the way we see and react or respond differently, without letting it ruin the rest of your day.”

“This training made me realize that I’m the key to my success, no one else.  Learning how to mirror clients and match them over the phone for greater rapport.”

Jim Gilbert's team

“Lynn Thier is the premier in NLP… she is highly effective in dealing with and zapping out PTSD & Trauma symptoms as well as depression and anxiety. I’m feeling happier and much more at peace than I’ve felt in a very looong time. I’m a believer in NLP, hypnosis & Time Line Therapy® Techniques and in Lynn to deliver a superior coaching experience. True thanks Lynn”

A. Vautour

As a member of the military with over 34 years of service one would think I would not be lacking in confidence.
Well the opposite was true and that is why I sought out the services of Lynn.  As I was preparing for a Physique Competition I wanted to have more self confidence and change how I was viewing myself. I wanted that edge in the gym.  After an amazing session with Lynn I could not believe the instant changes in my attitude about myself and my confidence in the gym. I was able to push my training to a new level and was able to get to the best shape of my life.
I highly recommend Lynn. Her professionalism and caring were top level. I will always owe her a gratitude of thanks.
John McDonald

“The NLP training was great. We had our whole team join the training not just our sales staff. The positive talk and the way to change your thought process really helped. It helped our team on a positive journey. ”

Chelsea Davis

“I want to thank you for seeing me—I had been suffering with depression, low self esteem and anxiety for many years…Since completing our breakthrough sessions, I’ve felt lighter and a sense of calmness…I don’t react the same anymore, my responses are much more appropriate now. I’m not focusing on what I don’t want to happen anymore. My attention is focused on what I want and since we let go of my limiting beliefs using Time Line Therapy® I no longer believe that I can’t be successful, or that I’m not good enough.  I’m so much more aware of my projections—and what I believe about myself as I know even unconsciously, it is projected out onto others, My depression is lifted, I feel happier, have more energy and am looking forward to life again! I highly recommend anyone wanting to let go of that nagging problem you have, connect with Lynn…she truly listens and gets to the deeper root of the problem !…”

Jane W., Fredericton

“I originally came to see Lynn about losing weight, since she is a Registered Nutritionist & Personal Fitness Trainer. At the time, I didn’t realize she was also trained in Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ® & NLP. She educated me on these techniques and we used them in my sessions. What we found after our initial consult was the underlying reason, or root cause of my weight issue was childhood sexual abuse. To me, fat = safe.

I had to release my negative emotions and especially fears in order to heal. As a result, with a plan in place, I no longer self sabotage or eat for emotional reasons. I’ve lost 40 lbs and am more at peace than ever before. My anxiety has lifted as well as my moods. I sleep better and have more energy now, thank you Lynn.”

Sandra T., Moncton

“There I was, skeptical, curious and unaware about my own thoughts and how they actually create everything in my life! I was quite depressed and stressed because of my career and juggling 2 kids. I was overweight and ate for emotional reasons. I had no idea we could get rid of negative emotions using a technique. She said that we could work together short term for long term results. This is why I was so skeptical…I use to see a therapist and was in counselling for many years which didn’t help me to resolve my issues

Lynn worked with me for a total of 8 hours to do a breakthrough session. We let go of Negative Emotions, and my limiting beliefs i had about myself…I felt overwhelming loss after a death in the family and we resolved the issues I had around this. We did a technique called parts integration where she led me to integrate my internal conflict, how amazing is that! I actually came to see her for weight loss and eating that was out of control and got so much more… I would totally recommend working with Lynn and letting go of what is holding you back. I feel like a totally different person. thank you again Lynn for the work you are doing and helping others…”

Janice D., Florida

The NLP training was great. We had our whole team join the training not just our sales staff. The positive talk and the way to change your thought process really helped. It helped our team on a positive journey.

Chelsea Davis

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