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“I appreciated Lynn’s expertise, both as a nutritionist and trainer. The nutritional assessment and balanced workouts (weights & cardio) were very beneficial for us. Who would have thought that working out together would be so much fun! Thanks Lynn for setting us up with a plan we can maintain.” Richard and Marilyn

“On my search to get “back at it” I knew I needed some accountability. I reached out to several professionals but Lynn was the only one that took the effort to keep up the communication with me. I always thought I ate healthy, but was I surprised! Lynn has taught me so much about food, mindset & nutrition. Since I began working out and following the meal plan, I have not had any hot flashes! It has really been amazing…I am very grateful to Lynn and the work that she puts into each training session as well as monitoring how I am doing with my nutrition plan. I recommend her to anyone that wants to get started on the path to a healthier lifestyle, she leads by example.” Bev Ann

“Doing Lynn’s workouts 2-3 times per week has transformed my figure and boosted my confidence. I feel stronger and sexier. My hubby loves the results and constantly comments on how toned I am. Lynn doesn’t let me quit and keeps me motivated. She has a different workout every time so it never gets boring. I have had trainers at gyms in the past and have never seen results like this.” Sarah R

w-Loss4Life Program Results

“I loved the w-loss4life, it was so informative and lots we can use in the future. Down 10lbs in 4 short weeks! I loved the hypnosis sessions.” Debbie W.

“I enjoyed the hypnosis, handouts and explanation of the unconscious mind. The program was great and I’m telling friends”. Judy M.

“I’ve tried every diet out there, and I lost weight but it always came back… now I have a solid plan and techniques that re wire the brain for new healthy habits 4 life! Thanks Lynn for helping me get off the diet hamster wheel.” Jamie C.

“The hypnosis was great, I will focus on what I want and where I want to be!” Cat C.

Hypnosis, NLP & Time Line Therapy Results

“With Time Line Therapy, I have let go of so many negative emotions and limiting beliefs, I feel like a weight has been lifted, I’m a different person! My response to situations has changed for the better, my family sees the difference in me and how I respond to everyday situations. thank you!” Elle M.

“My 18 year old daughter has been struggling with depression, anxiety and more …She’s been seen by several therapists & counselors. After Seeing Lynn she actually left the appointment happy, first time in 3 years… She has been a totally different person, she has a technique she practices that Lynn taught her when it comes to anxiety and she is happier and back to her normal self.” Heather M.

Cancer Coaching Results

“As a physician with many years of training in radiation oncology and psycho-oncology, I wholeheartedly endorse NAPCC cancer coaches. Until now, I could not find the type of comprehensive care and support for my patients that they need. They can use the one-on-one coaching to help them decide on an optimal combination of treatment that should prove most effective and right for them. Along with information on how to make vital nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, cancer coaches help to make the change, and how that change will maximize the potential for long-term sustainable health. Most importantly, the profound emotional and spiritual experience of illness and healing comes into clear focus through the coaching on mind/body medicine. I highly recommend the Certified Professional Cancer Coach for patients who are living with cancer. I will be recommending NAPCC Cancer Coaches to all of my patients from this day forward.” Sara Jenkins, M.D.


“I worked with Lynn after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. She took me through the detoxing process, we discussed the many options to heal my body, boost my immune system and came up with a solid plan…A 90 day healing diet plan along with lifestyle changes. After 90 days my PSA test went from 8.9 to 2.3. My doctor was amazed and I chose to heal my body naturally instead of with conventional methods of chemo and radiation. I’m so glad I did.” David M.

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