There’s a statistic that should terrify smokers….and it’s not about the health risks of smoking. In fact, if you’re a serious smoker, statistics about the “dangers of smoking” barely phase you anymore.  That’s because you’re constantly hearing them. But you figure it’s okay. Like 70% of all smokers, you plan to quit. In fact, perhaps you’re more determined than ever.  The Statistic That Will Terrify Smokers


The number above is what researchers have found to be the success rate of smoking cessation (the process of quitting smoking).

That’s not a typo. Only 2-3% of people who try to quit smoking actually succeed. 
Let’s put this in context. You have a higher chance of getting into Harvard Medical School or, ironically, getting cancer from smoking than you do of quitting.  What about using products designed to help you quit smoking, like nicotine patches? Well, your odds do improve…to a measly 6%–even if you use the leading products in the market.

You see, most smokers figure that they’ll quit while there is still time left. They believe that, more or less, they can quit whenever they want…and this my friend, is a mere illusion.  The reason isn’t because you don’t have the willpower. Many people who’ve failed to quit have plenty of it. Rather, it’s because of what goes on inside our brain.

Why Smoking Is So Damn Addictive

There are two causes behind smoking’s powerful addiction.  The first part has to do with how cigarettes impact the chemicals in your brain.  Smoking delivers nicotine, the main active compound found in cigarettes, into your system. Once in your system, it alters two of the main “pleasure” chemicals in your brain–dopamine and noradrenaline.  They create pleasurable sensations, which are addicting in and of themselves.

The second part has to do with the psychology of habit and how it works inside your brain, an area of research that is relatively new.

Habits are formed in the part of our brain known as the basal ganglia–the oldest and most primitive part of the brain. It’s so old that scientists refer to this as the “lizard brain,” because it can be traced far back in our evolution.  Because habits are formed in such a primitive part of our brain, they’re pretty much hardwired. In fact, they’re so deeply programmed that most scientists believe that habits cannot be destroyed, only replaced.  OR the only way to get to it is to get to the unconscious mind!  Using Hypnosis or Time Line Therapy®.
Herein lies the problem: because smoking gives a instantaneous dopamine hit, many smokers end up replacing it with something just as bad, such as binge eating, gambling, or drinking. This might even make matters worse, because you’re just replacing one addiction for another.  But don’t lose hope yet, because there is a solution. As it turns out, a few little-known studies prove that habits actually can be destroyed.

Quit Smoking Without Losing Your MIND!

The Quit Smoking program enables you to stop smoking for good without willpower, struggle, drugs or weight gain, even if you have smoked for decades and have tried many other methods to quit. Take a deep breath and relax. I’m not going to start hitting you with endless statistics, or ‘facts’ You’re not an idiot.

For whatever reason, you’ve decided to quit smoking and you’re thinking of using hypnosis. So, what you really need to know is – why hypnosis?
Because hypnosis works with your unconscious mind where all your habits are stored. Smoking is not a physical addiction – if it was how would you be able to sleep 6 to 8 hrs a night?

This program is highly effective because it addresses the main cause of why you smoke which is the mental habit. This is why the other methods of quitting smoking – willpower, nicotine patches, drugs – don’t work for most people. This approach removes your mental habit and desire for smoking which means you are now free from smoking for good.  One on one sessions and small group sessions available.
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