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​Some people tend to face unconscious obstacles that prevent them from following through with their diets and they tend to remain over weight no matter how many times they try… Hypnosis helps in removing those obstacles and makes changes at the unconscious level.

Hypnosis is a very natural method and it helps a person re-train their minds.  It can also help them change their life style in a more permanent and healthy way.

Hypnosis Subjects Lost More Weight Than 90% of Others and Kept it Off!

Releasing weight is not about dieting at all… It is about making positive life-style changes. The first page of your happily ever after story starts with having the right information about nutrition. Your body is a machine and requires the proper fuel… Just as you wouldn’t put water in a gas tank and expect your car to run well, you must use the proper “fuel” for your body for optimal health and performance. I will teach you everything you need to know about how the body uses fuel and what causes excessive weight gain. You might be surprised at how simple dietary adjustments will make all the difference!

You can start right now by asking yourself these powerful questions.

  1. Am I physically hungry?  Have a glass of water and wait a few minutes before eating.
  2. Is this food bringing me towards or away from my weight loss and health goals?
  3. Am I satisfied and not full? Stop eating when you feel satisfied and leave a little food on your plate on purpose.  This will give a signal to your unconscious mind that you are in control and can stop any time you choose.

Of course, consistent exercise is also important for weight release and good health. We will work to find enjoyable ways for you to move your body more so that you begin to look forward to moving your body on a daily basis.

I may not tell you anything you haven’t heard before, but having all the information reinforced while in Hypnosis enables your unconscious mind to absorb and accept it. This is the key to change.

I Will Work With You To:

• Understand your history of eating and your relationship to food.
• Discuss your current weight goals and reasons why you may not have attained them, yet.
• Discover potential reasons why your unconscious mind may NOT want you to lose weight and bring those to the surface. This is key to uncovering the root causes as to why you may even unconsciously be holding onto weight.
• Reinforce proper eating habits and the importance of protein for weight loss.
• Reinforce the importance of exercise and create a positive attitude towards moving your body more.
• Develop a healthy relationship with food and increase the desire for healthy foods.
• Modify behavioral patterns to eliminate negative habits and replace them with positive ones.
• Provide positive coping strategies for relief of stress or other causes of overeating.
• Imagine yourself at your goal weight and size! See it, feel it. If you can conceive and believe it, you will achieve it!

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Down 55 Lbs in 4 Months with the Gastric Band Hypnosis Program! It's been a year and its still all off...

I owe a lot to Coach Lynn. First, I need to say I almost did not do this, but desperate to try anything, I went for an initial assessment. I got good, honest advice from a highly trained expert, about a program that I considered to be a bit of a different/unique option for weight loss. I was immediately interested but I kept thinking, all I have ever known in the ‘diet’ world is failure.

After good advice from a friend, I made the commitment thinking and hoping ‘what if it did work’?? After my assessment came four 1-hour sessions. I didn’t know then, but these sessions would prove to be golden.

First, Coach Lynn re-trained me to think positively. This alone was huge. She explained that she was going to speak to my unconscious mind, which controlled everything about me. This was new territory for me, I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. Looking back, my sessions (in my way of thinking) were like relaxing meditations, done in a chair. I was totally alert and could open my eyes at any given point during a session. I explained this to a friend one day, the best way I could, by saying…you drive to work somewhat in a daze, the radio is on but you aren’t really listening to it, thinking about this, that, and the other thing, and that last song you hear before you get out of the car plays through your head all day long….that song you weren’t really listening to played to your unconscious mind, which is very powerful. This is hypnosis... and Coach Lynn’s hypnosis sessions work in the same way.

By day 3, I felt like I had reached my goal. I really can’t explain it. It was a new me, a new way of thinking, my cravings were completely gone, it was easy, and I was quite simply, just amazed. It had an extremely powerful outcome for me. I remember thinking back then, what am I thinking, it’s only day 3, and I’m in the same body I was in 3 days ago…?? Positive thinking can do wonders. I have felt the same ever since. One day I asked Coach Lynn when, or if, this would ever wear off. She said no, and to date, it hasn’t. You see, your unconscious mind controls how you think and live. It’s key. I see that now.

Knowing now what I didn’t know then…I would encourage anyone to do this program, simply because, you are so worth it, and your health is so important, and you need good health to do a good job with everything else in your life, plain and simple.

I often tell Coach Lynn I’m her shining star. I have no words other than to say I am so grateful. I have now surpassed my goal... What an amazing accomplishment. Today, I am smaller than I have been in over 25 years and I am enjoying everything attached to it (confidence, better health, new wardrobe, much happier, better mobility, double energy, I could go on and on).

Coach Lynn, you are my hero. Thank you for believing in me. Valerie Webb, Fredericton.

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